VOTE NO ON California PROP 16

This year, California is embark on bringing back Affirmative program and undo Prop 209.

The YES group on many occasion making an argument that Asians are over represented and therefore an Affirmative admission is needed to address the disparity.

Firstly, Asian student bodies are made up of Asian Americans and the bulk of these students bodies are Asian Foreign students from mainly China and other part of Asia.

Using Prop 16 to punish and displace local Asian American students because Universities are greedy as they over fill their Asian quotas with Asian Foreign students which net higher tuition fees is unfair and unethical to the American born Asians.

It is already unfair as it is to many Asian students, that college admission officer s routinely handling out bonus points for Black and Hispanics under archiver and deduct points from deserving Asian Americans students.

In such a rigged system, Asian American students and children had to unnecessarily go above and beyond their peers just to level the playing field.

With Prop 16, there will be even less local Asian Americans able to attend college as they will be replaced with Black, Hispanic and other higher paying Foreign Asian Students .

The Affirmative admission and hiring is just a bandage that do not address the root cause of the problem by rewarding a non performer that had pass through a failed education system and a by product of failed family value and inept educators.

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