Bigolist – An Android App only Hoarders would love

This project idea was started out as an inside joke among friends for some giggles.

I am actually surprised that I actually finished it in a few months, since my attention span is as short a fruit fly and I have a closet full of abandoned projects to proof it.

Over the course of the year in hiatus, coding withdrawal started to set in and I finally start yearning to write codes again.

It started out as a learning exercise and my way of getting familiar with Android development by producing an actual software.

Part of the original goal was to find out what it will take for an experienced Software Engineer to develop something useful with limited familiar with the environment.

I started out with very limited knowledge on Android Platform, Java language, AWS, Android Studio, MongoDb.


However, with years of experience in C++, C# and C development experience. Overcoming some of these obstacles is not much of hurdle at all and in the process I learned quite a lot.

As, I delve deeper and deeper in a swim or sink mode and pushing forward in addressing performance related problem and UI responsiveness.

I had to adopt more advanced concepts, such as using AsyncTask to handle I/O stuff asynchronously and finally incorporated  HttpResponseCache and LruCache to further improve UI responsiveness.

Anyway, there are plenty of room for improvements and I am stilling working on improving it further.

One thing I know for sure is that this app is prime candidate in winning the 2015 first place award for ugliest app.

Bigolist РAn Android App for Hoarders (US Only)


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