Free Online Virus Scanner

If you’re a vintage computer collector or someone enjoy using old computer like me. Once in a while you might, in inadvertently downloaded softwares from a questionable source which may contain virus/worm.

Overtime, I have taken many precautions to avoid such problem.  But, the idea of having to buy Virus scanner software and pay yearly subscription fee to me is ridiculous.

A better solution I found is to use a free on-line virus scanning services which will use multiple virus scanners to look for potential virus or worm.

Once such service, I found is, you simply upload the file in question and after while you will get the scan status report. After which you can rest assure the file virus free.


4 thoughts on “Free Online Virus Scanner”

  1. Thanks for sharing – very helpful for me… If you have other links to free virus detectors, please email me as my browser gets 15 and more new tabs opened on its own… – your help is appreciated, if you find the time to do so. Thx again.

    1. You didn’t mention on which operating system you are currently using. So, I am assuming you are using Windows.

      For current version of Windows, Microsoft offer:

      Or you can use:

      You can also, download a free trial of and install it to remove virus/worm already on your system.

      After which you might want to use Firefox or Chrome browser instead of Internet Explorer.

      One thing to remember, when you surf the internet. If you ever see pop up window warning you about your system got virus. Don’t panic, the site is trying to fool you into installing their Malware.

      So, don’t fall for it.

      1. Yes, I use Windows – thx a lot for your time and the helpful links! I’m new to this site, and I like exploring it already… (aii 🙂

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