Installing Wings3D on Linuxmint 15

Recently I just upgraded my laptop with Linuxmint Mate 15 and found out the hard way that Wings3D is now broken and won’t install through the package manager due erlang-wx package is now no longer part of Ubuntu main due to the size foot print of wxWidgets library.

Anyway, here are the steps if you wanted to have the packe installed on your system.

1. Go to and follow the link to download for Linux.
2. Unzip and run the installer


chmod +x


3. The installer will install wings3d under your home directory. Move the package to /opt

sudo mv ~/wings-1.4.1 /opt

4. Edit the bash script /opt/wings-1.4.1/wings so that ROOTDIR path is now /opt instead of your home directory and save the file.


5. Integrate it with desktop menu by right click on the menu and select Edit Menu.

  • In Main Menu dialog, select Graphics under Application. Click New Item to create a launcher.
  • Click on the icon and select /opt/wings-1.4.1/lib/wings-1.4.1/ebin/wings_icon_big.bmp
  • Enter Wings3D in name text box.
  • Enter /opt/wings-1.4.1/wings in Command text box.
  • Enter “Wings3D Modeling Program” in Comment Text box.
  • Click OK to save the launcher.

If you find this information helpful and would like to see more. Please show your support.


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